Introducing Vertical Reveal

Deliver video experiences the same way people naturally consume mobile content
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Explore Vertical Reveal

Benefits to Advertisers

Center of attention
100% viewable video experience delivers your brand message from all four corners
Format for a Vertical Screen
Deliver your brand story in the same way on-the-go users naturally consume mobile content
Made for Mobile-Web
Reach unique audiences browsing the web with an upper-funnel format to drive awareness and engagement
Preferred User Experience
A friendly video experience allows viewers to scroll and reveal video content with user-initiated audio for an optimal experience

Features for Advertisers

Viewable by design
Users scroll to reveal your brand content and your video pauses when less than 50% of pixels are in view
Easy Sharing
Encourage audiences to share with one-click social icons, maximizing earned media
Progress Bar
Display the duration of your brand creative with a circular progress bar to improve completion rates
Call-to-Action Button
Amplify your CTA to drive audiences down the funnel
User-Initiated Audio
Provide a friendly and polite mobile-first experience
End Card
Re-inforce your brand message with a customizable end card

Benefits to Publishers

Preferred User Experience
A friendly video format allows viewers to scroll and reveal video content for an optimal experience
Made for Mobile-Web
Vertical Reveal empowers publishers to deliver a native video experience in the same way people naturally consume mobile web content
Maximizing Mobile Yield
Monetize your mobile web traffic and capture advertising dollars as budgets continue to shift towards mobile video

Features for Publishers

User-Initiated Audio
Protect the user experience with a polite and mobile-first format
High-Impact Player
A full-screen, 100% viewable format will maximize impact and drive performance
3-Step Integration
A streamlined process and dedicated account team will ensure smooth set up
Faster Load Times
Asynchronous loading allows for optimal rendering of both the advertisement and publisher content
New Inventory
Create a net new revenue opportunity within your premium editorial content
Direct Sales
Empower your sales team to monetize video beyond current inventory on-site
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