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Introducing InLine

An outstream video ad unit for
desktop and mobile web
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Form & Functionality

It’s no secret – premium online video inventory is scarce. Whether you’re looking to promote your video online or generate revenue through video on your own web properties, there’s only so much to go around. Enter InLine: a new way to create premium, in-content video inventory in a format that’s ideal for publishers, advertisers and users.
  • Embeds video natively within editorial content
  • Launches only when video area is viewable
  • Plays sound upon user-initiated mouse hover
  • Pauses when user scrolls away and continues when back in-view
  • Creates high-value video inventory out-stream
  • Solves the problem of sold out pre-roll
  • Large player size, up to 640 x 400
  • Available on desktop and mobile web
  • VAST compliant

Benefits for Advertisers

  • Premium Placements
    Embed your video in the heart of premium editorial content to draw maximum user attention and ensure brand safety
  • Guaranteed viewability
    Ensure your video plays only when in-view: the video pauses if the user scrolls away, and continues when back in-view
  • Large player size
    Maximize impact by placing your video in a large-format player (up to 640x400)
  • Superior Performance
    Drive engagement metrics beyond impressions and clicks with completed views and average 2% click-through-rate

Benefits for Publishers

  • New Inventory
    Creates limitless video inventory within your most prized asset: premium editorial content
  • Direct Sales
    Available as a direct sales tool. Empower your sales team to monetize video beyond current inventory on-site, commanding high CPMs
  • Additional demand
    Available as a backfill tool, utilizing Virool’s 60,000+ first - party video campaigns and trusted demand partners
  • User Experience
    Launches when the video area is viewable, plays sound only upon mouse hover, and dissolves back into the page upon completion
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