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Explanation of different site types or platform types

The following are different types of platforms that are in our Publisher Network:

  • Blogs/Sites
    • blogs or most normal websites that do not fall under the other categories
  • Games
    • games or gaming websites
  • Mobile Apps
    • applications on mobile phones or tablets
  • Social Networks
    • social networking websites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Virtual Currency
    • these are incentivized websites, where users are paid in exchange for some sort of service (e.g. watch a video in exchange for gift cards)

Most sites added to our network will be categorized under one platform type, but there may be some sites that may be categorized under multiple platform types. One example of a site that can fall under multiple platform designations would be a game that can be played on a website or on a mobile phone. In this case, the site types would be "Games" and "Mobile Apps."

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