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Using your Manage Campaigns tab

How to use your Manage Campaigns tab 

It is easy to manage your Virool campaigns. Once you are logged in to your dashboard, click on your Manage Campaigns tab, found in your menu bar at the top of the page.

You will be able to see the status of your campaigns here on this page, listed under their respective categories.

The Running tab shows campaigns that are actively running.

The Completed tab shows campaigns that are no longer running or have exhausted their budget.

The Paused / Pending tab shows campaigns that are temporarily on hold.

The Archived tab shows campaigns that are not in any other category.

You can find the following information for each campaign:

Budget: The budget for each campaign will be displayed here. You will also be able to see whether you are running a daily or lifetime campaign. To update your budget for a campaign, click on the budget.

Bid: The max bid for each campaign will be displayed here. To update your max bid for a campaign, click on the bid.

Displays: Each view engagement under 30 seconds that your video campaign receives is considered a display and appears here.

Views: Each view engagement lasting 30 seconds or longer is considered a view and appears here.

Clicks: When a viewer clicks on your provided link, it will show up here.

State: Look here for a quick peek of how much you have remaining on the budget for a campaign. You can run your pointer over the dollar signs to see exactly how much money remains in each budget. Additionally, you can see whether your campaign is running, paused, completed or suspended.

Actions: To take action on anything related to your campaign, this is the place to look.

    • Clicking on the Edit button will take you to the design phase of your campaign, where you can make changes to your campaign.
    • Clicking on the little arrow next to the Edit button will enable you to access the following information about your campaign.
      • Change State: You can re-run or pause your campaign.
      • Click on Preview to see how your campaign will look to your viewers.
      • If you are finished with the campaign and want to archive it, you can click on Archive.
      • To see any information about your campaign, click on History.


 Here's a video tutorial on how to edit your campaign:


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