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Learning about your advertiser dashboard

Meet your dashboard

When you log in to your advertiser account on Virool, you will automatically be taken to the Control Room. Here, you will find a menu bar at the top of your screen. Each tab contains valuable information pertaining to your account and campaigns on Virool.

The Add Funds button

  • You can click on the "Add Funds" button on the top left to make a deposit to your account. 

The Campaigns tab

  • This tab shows video campaigns that are currently running, completed, paused/pending, and archived. To change the status on your campaigns, edit your campaigns, view your Virool analytics, or check the history of your campaigns, click on this tab.

The My Finances tab

  • You can find all of your transactions under this tab, including your campaign spendings, payment history, receipts, and referral earnings. You can check your credit balance as well as add funds to your account here.

The Account tab 

  • This is where you can edit your account information, including address, payment information, banking information, and password. If you want to set recurring payment on your credit card, you can do that here.


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