Adding a banner to your video can boost social engagement

We did a little digging through our data and found some numbers for you to consider when you start a video campaign.

Campaigns that have a Facebook banner have about 40% more Facebook shares than campaigns without a banner. Leading ahead of Facebook are campaigns with a Twitter banner, which have about 60% more Twitter shares than campaigns with no banner.

These two stats show that on average, campaigns that have banners receive more social engagement than those without. The banners can make a difference depending on what your campaign goals are and can be a great tool to boost your social media presence.

Campaigns with a custom banner have about 60% more Facebook shares on average than campaigns without a banner. This shows the power of prompting viewers to take action when watching your video with the right call-to-action banner.

If you are working with a small budget, you can take advantage of the banners and other targeting tools available to put more thought into the details of your campaign because every feature can make a difference.


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