MozCon 2015: Create 10X Content!

MozCon 2015, a three-day marketing conference in Seattle, was attended by our very own SEO Manager, Chris Tam. He came back to tell us one of his key takeaways from the conference: 10X content.

There is so much good content out there, that it’s getting tougher to stand out. Even having great content may not be enough anymore. Anyone can create good content. Great content is uncommon, but 10X content is rare.

Rand Fishkin, who co-founded Inbound.org, talked about “10X content” at the conference, which means creating content ten times better than anything similar in the search results. The idea behind 10X content is that having good content is simply not enough anymore, and people look for the best.

Here are some examples of 10X content in the wild: http://inbound.org/post/view/10x-content-the-complete-collection.


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