ChannelWatch Use Case

Our goal is to help you successfully run a video campaign by providing you with all the right tools. But before you start your campaign, you might want to scope out your competitors and dig into their YouTube channel performances to see how your channel stands up against theirs. ChannelWatch is a free video marketing tool that lets you do just this.

Let’s see how ChannelWatch can provide us with some insights into the rivalry between Mac and PC.


As you can see, ChannelWatch presents the results in a nice chart that is easy to understand and analyze. Apple takes the crown with total views, subscribers, and likes. However, Windows has around 300 more videos and wins over Apple in comments and engagement rate. So what does all this mean? Let’s look at the top videos of each channel and use VideoSpy to tell us more about the performance statistics.



The most popular video on Apple’s YouTube channel is “Apple - Introducing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.”

Apple knows how to captivate an audience and present an informative product video in such a way that makes you want to watch the entire video to find out more. If you look at the most popular videos uploaded on Apple’s YouTube channel, you’ll find that the top 5 videos are all product-related videos. These types of videos attract a lot more viewers who want to learn more about key features in a new or existing product.



On Window’s YouTube Channel, the most popular video is “Windows 8: Beautiful and Fast” with 5 million views.

Even though the video is in a different language, you can still understand the plot and message. The story, entertainment, and reaction are some of the elements that make this video not an ad, but an advertainment. This is the type of content that viewers engage in and want to share with their friends. You can see that the social response engagement is 3.12% whereas Apple’s engagement rate is 1.59%.

So while Apple’s YouTube channel has more views and subscribers, viewers are more compelled to share Window’s videos with their friends on social networks. It is clear that Apple has attracted the attention of a large audience, but has not generated the same level of engagement as Windows.

We are looking forward to seeing how the battle between Apple and Windows will play out on the video front as we start the new year.


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