Virool Welcomes New Head Of Publisher Development

We’re thrilled to welcome Eric Chen to Virool as our new Head of Publisher Development. Eric joined our leadership team this summer with more than 13 years of experience working with publishers, and is focused on accelerating revenue growth and expansion of Virool’s supply-side business.

In this post, we asked Eric where he thinks the industry is headed and the top trends we’ll see over the next year.

What excites you most about Virool?

As the leader in vertical video, Virool continues to push the boundaries for a truly native video viewing experience on mobile. Every morning on the train, I am reminded how natural it is for consumers to view content on their phones in portrait mode. Greater than 95% of my fellow commuters are holding their phones upright. With vertical videos, we can deliver a full-screen, high impact video experience. The most exciting part is that we’re able to offer vertical video inventory at scale programmatically.

What’s next for video advertising in the next 12 months?

The market has finally caught up to the hype of vertical video and both advertisers and publishers will start to see the dollars flow. In keeping with the theme of vertical video, we’ll start to see more engaging rich media vertical video campaigns as well as 360-degree vertical video ads. Reach out to us if you are interested in finding out more about the innovative new formats we’re working on.

What are three emerging trends or predictions for the next year?

1) Rise of programmatic VOD and OTT ads – Despite having great video content, some publishers are finding it difficult to sell their VOD and OTT ad inventory. Increased market awareness and setting up the inventory through programmatic channels will drive CPMs closer to what we’re seeing for premium pre-roll inventory.

2) Snapchat ads off-Snapchat – Before Snapchat IPOs, Snapchat will seek to acquire an ad exchange with access to ad inventory off-Snapchat in order to offer their advertisers increased reach.

3) Server-side ad publishing – With the rise of ad blocking, publishers will seek new ways to improve user experience and prevent data leakage. Moving away from Javascript to server-side calls is a step in the right direction to improve latency and guard against malware.

Welcome to the Virool family, Eric!