Virool Partners with TeamDom to Launch Vertical Video Ad Studio

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – May 11, 2017 – Virool, a pioneer in vertical video advertising, has partnered with TeamDom, a teen entertainment company, to create the first Vertical Video Ad Studio. The purpose of this studio is to allow brands to create ad content for mobile phones with the help of leading social media celebrities.

There’s no surprise that vertical video advertising is the fastest growing ad format in the world today. Vertical video advertising is now a staple for any digital video marketer looking to reach millennials in their mobile environment of choice. Vertical video ads are available on every major platform that millennials use like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and Twitter. The most engaging and viral content created on those platforms is created by social media influencers like Jake Paul, CEO of TeamDom. His company represents leading social media influencers who cumulatively have over 80M followers across all major social media platforms.

Virool is the leading distribution platform for vertical video ads on the mobile web. The company allows its clients to distribute vertical video ads on major publisher websites. The rise in popularity of vertical video ads has led the company to launch the first Vertical Video Exchange in April 2017, that allows over 150 DSPs to access vertical video ad inventory on Virool’s publishers websites.

“One of the problems that we have noticed as we were distributing our clients videos with our platform was that regardless of how good our targeting or placement of the ad was, if the creative itself didn’t resonate with the viewer, then marketers would struggle to hit their KPIs,” said Alexander Debelov, CEO of Virool. “I am super excited for the launch of Vertical Video Ad Studio with TeamDom, because it allows us to engage our clients in the ad creation process and help them truly succeed with their marketing goals.”

“The influencers that we work with have figured out what people want to see. I am excited that we can bring our knowledge and insights to brands, and help them create truly exceptional campaigns,” said Jake Paul, CEO of TeamDom.

This partnership between Virool and TeamDom with the launch of Vertical Video Ad Studio will allow brands to create mobile first video ad campaigns that are going to be engaging to the viewer. The two companies have already carried out the first campaign for OnePlus, smartphone manufacturer, that had Jake Paul star in its unboxing video ad.

Jake Paul was tasked with unboxing a new OnePlus 3 phone and taking a selfie, while doing barrel rolls in a fighter jet. “The concept and the creative was incredible and by having Jake star in the video, we were able to get over 1M people to watch it on YouTube and over 60k of them to share it with friends on Facebook,” said Akis Evangelidis, Marketing Manager of OnePlus. “Using the power of social media influencers such as Jake Paul, who have millions of followers, along the distribution prowess and expertise of Virool, will enable any company to reach a huge audience”
In an era of short attention spans, creating compelling creatives are huge. Snapchat spearheaded this movement and now it is time to expand the offering among the wider web and in the personal way influencers do.