Virool Launches Vertical Video Ad Exchange

2017, the year of vertical video is officially here.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – April 12, 2017 – Virool, a pioneer in vertical video advertising, today announces the launch of Virool’s Vertical Video Exchange, a fully programmatic ad exchange available to advertisers and publishers worldwide. Virool has partnered with Bidswitch to make their vertical video inventory available to over 150 DSPs and agency trading desks.

There’s no surprise that vertical video advertising is the fastest growing ad format in the world. Vertical video advertising is now a staple for any digital video marketer looking to reach millennials in their mobile environment of choice. Vertical video ads are available on every major platform that millennials use like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and Twitter. Over the last year, Virool’s Vertical Reveal brought this format to majority of top publishers on the web. Vertical Video Exchange will allow over 150 DSPs to access it and will allow marketers to purchase vertical video ads through their DSP of choice.

Virool’s vertical video ads are sold with 100 percent guaranteed viewability. The ads pause when less than 25 percent of the pixels are in view. “Our partners trust our Vertical Video Exchange because we can guarantee them 100% viewable, high quality vertical video ad inventory at scale,” stated Eric Chen, Head of Publisher Development at Virool.

Virool’s Vertical Video Exchange allows advertisers to target video ads to a large audience beyond standard vertical video environments like Snapchat and Facebook. “We’re providing a greenfield source of inventory in brand safe environments. I am excited that now some of the world largest DSPs will be able to sell vertical video ads on top publisher websites through Virool” said Alex Debelov, CEO at Virool.

Enabling publishers to serve vertical videos whilst maintaining a great consumer experience, will be a key driver in the growth of premium video inventory. As the digital world around us continues to shift to mobile, this launch is just one way we’re helping publishers and advertisers adapt to changing consumer preferences.

Availability and Technical Specifications:
Brands, agency trading desks, DSPs interested in connecting to Virool’s Vertical Video Exchange should contact the Virool sales team at


About Virool Inc.
Virool is a programmatic video marketing platform for individuals, small businesses and global brands and their agencies. More than 30,000 global advertisers are using the Virool platform to promote their video messages, engage their audience and elevate their brand.

Having served more than 60,000 video advertising campaigns, Virool is trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world including Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Disney, Sony, Anheuser-Busch, Turkish Airlines, Intel, and Levi’s.

Founded in 2012, Virool has raised $18.62M in funding from a collection of top VC firms and angel investors, including $6.62M in its seed round. It is the biggest seed investment that anymore Y-Combinator graduate has ever received.

Media Contact
Alex Debelov, Virool

About BidSwitch
BidSwitch operates as an advertising technology infrastructure and marketplace for the real-time ecosystem, providing an efficient and transparent way for programmatic technology platforms to access media at scale.

Today, BidSwitch connects more than 250 supply and demand technology partners globally to trade media across the display, mobile, native, video, audio, DOOH and TV ecosystems — all via a single standardized integration.