Making Videos That Appeal to the 20-Something Generation

Most companies know that it’s incredibly important to target the demographic of 20 to 30 year olds. Not only are 20-something valuable because they tend to be child-free and thus more likely to spend money on entertainment, fashion, and other consumer products, but they also typically spend a lot of time online. All of this makes the 20-something set the perfect audience for video marketing campaigns. But how can a marketer get into the minds of Generation Y?

Connecting with 20-somethings largely depends on narrowing down just which segment of the demographic you’re looking to hit (gamers, music fans, fashion junkies, sports viewers, etc), but there are some general strategies that tend to speak best to this group:


Getting some LOLZ is important when targeting 20-somethings, especially if they’re able to feel like it’s a joke specifically directed at the Internet generation. This video from Google is not only funny, but it’s self-deprecating, which is a quality that this age group identifies with. Google essentially spoof themselves by offering a fake product called “Google Knows,” that allows Google users to search smells online. The video lets younger viewers know that Google doesn’t take itself too seriously, which builds trust with an age group that doesn’t like being lectured or talked down to.


Elements of nostalgia tend to appeal to all generational groups, but if you want to target Generation Y, you have to understand their emotional ties to the 1990s. This Internet Explorer ad hits the perfect tone ”” it not only packs in several pop culture references to the ”˜90s, but they’re all references specific to childhood in the ”˜90s. Whereas a 30 or 40 something may associate the ”˜90s with grunge music or grown-up movies or TV shows, this ad deliberately touches on toys, games, and tween fashion, making 20-somethings feel like they’re being spoken to directly.


20-somethings have information thrown at them faster than any generation before them. If an online video is going to connect with this age group, it better be memorable. This Brazilian prank video shows unsuspecting people being terrorized on an elevator by a creepy little girl in a nightgown holding a doll. The video not only taps into the nostalgia of the horror movies of the 20-year-old demographic’s teen years, but is also really unique. It’s the sort of thing that will stick in the viewer’s mind and get them sharing it with friends.

Keeping it light, unique, and letting 20-somethings know that you understand them and want to engage with them is the best way to make an effective online video. If you have fun and create something that lets viewers feel like your speaking directly to them, your target demographic will be more likely to share your content and spread your message to their peers.