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What to say when your client asks, “Did it run?”

It’s no secret that TV is expensive. If clients want to be in primetime content then they have to pay primetime prices. For instance, one Super Bowl unit this year sold for over $5 million!

Advertainment Weekly: Let’s reconnect

This week we start with Pinterest who joined the video game with a new ad format. From there, we head to Cupertino, to investigate the impact that the new iPhone SE screen size will have on advertising. In other news, studies show that younger viewers of online videos have a different reaction than you might …

Kennedy to Fey: Defining political video moments

Video advertising has become synonymous with election season. The power of video is well established and it’s hard to turn on the TV or go online without some reference to November 2016. This reality was not always the case though. Believe it or not there was a time when the elections were completely separated from …

Advertainment Weekly: What does a puppy see?

This week, we head to Austin with Visa and a futuristic marketing stunt they introduced at SXSW. Meanwhile, a new study details the massive growth in digital advertising, we take accountability into accountability, and we explore the differences between B2B and B2C programmatic strategies. Finally, for your advertainment this week, IBM Cloud shows you what …

How to drive conversion on your online video

At Virool, we are always focused on the idea of driving engagement, making consumers more willing to share and interact with video content. That said, there are times when I am speaking to a client and they ask how video promotion can achieve sales.

Virool U: Industry Trends – Shift from TV to digital video

Shift from TV to digital Traditional TV consumption is on the decline causing advertisers to shift budgets to digital. The shift in video consumption and viewing habits are fundamentally changing the industry. Why is this happening? Consumers are no longer willing to pay high process for bundles of channels they do not watch. Instead, they …

Advertainment Weekly: Adios amigo!

This week we start by investigating the future of digital advertising as it takes over TV spending. We then peer into the ongoing battle against ad blocking and the current reach of mobile devices in the United States.

Seriously Startup: Walking is inefficient

Welcome back to Seriously Startup, the Virool video series that gives us a chance to laugh at ourselves and this culturally bizarre space we find ourselves. Whether it’s the daily commute for developers trying to get to work or productivity hacking by way of energy fountains, we’re here to poke fun at this startup scene …

Advertainment Weekly: This is better reality

This week we dive into the growing power of programmatic, digital, and mobile ads. Recent surveys show that senior marketers are placing a lot of faith in the future of programmatic. Meanwhile, Rubicon Project lays out their opinion on ad blocking, Quantcast shows that mobile ads are inspiring purchases, and we discover if emotion really …

Advertainment Weekly: Ford fights divorce

This week, we investigate changing consumer trends and how companies are responding, starting in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress with seven key takeaways from the weeklong event.