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Get Vertical Reveal: vertical video on mobile-web

When it comes to digital video, it’s time we start changing our perspective. We live in a modern world where everything is being consumed in the palm of our hand, and that includes video. As apps like Snapchat, Facebook and Periscope condition the modern viewer to experience video the vertical way, it’s time that the …

Politics + digital video = the bipartisan match

November is a mere six months away and the race is nowhere near final. Eventually the pack will thin out, supporters will unite, and candidate’s will ramp up their marketing efforts.

Advertainment Weekly: Jake Paul helps us out

This week, French newspaper Le Figaro picks a fight with ad-blockers and so far they’re actually winning. Google tries to prove the power that video can have over offline sales, and politicians find that election season is impossible without native advertising.

Seriously Startup: Jake Paul to the social rescue

Our series Seriously Startup is back and this time we really think we’re onto something good in the Virool office.

Welcome Sasha! Catching up with the front end

This week we caught up with Sasha Kastsiushkin, who we were lucky enough to have join our engineering team at Virool. We caught up with Sasha just a few short weeks after he started at Virool to hear how things were going both in the office, and on the bubble soccer field.

Advertainment Weekly: Kobe, out

It was a busy week for industry conferences. We start at Programmatic I/O where viewability and fraud were hot topics, before moving onto Facebook F8, to talk about chatbots and messenger apps.

Fireside chat with Jake Paul

My good friend Jake Paul joined me last week for a fireside chat at Virool. For most guys, 19 means planning for that big midterm exam or convincing the local bar that they are of age.

Virool U: Industry trends – Rise of multi-platform

Mobile is no longer a nice to have, it is a must have. Consumers are dividing time and attention among numerous digital devices in the age of mobile. Smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, TV’s, OTTs, wearables and more are all part of daily habits among consumers.

Advertainment Weekly: Apple finds a voice

We start this week with an investigation into the roles of programmatic and emotionally moving content for political campaigns. Meanwhile, AdExchanger asks a good question about outstream video, Al Roker enters the live stream video space, and Virool makes a very big announcement. Finally, for your advertainment, we have a touching story of an Autistic …

Advertainment Weekly: Virgin’s revealing new logo

This week, the CEO of Refinery29 opens up about why they are “all in” for video. We then look into why massive digital ads are fueling the fire for ad blocking and what exactly the new Snapchat update means for marketers.