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Advertainment Weekly: What’s it like to be Ronaldo?

This week in advertainment news we start off with a new video strategy on the campaign trail for Bernie Sanders.

Fireside Chat with Chris Carmichael

Our fireside chats continued last week with Snapchat icon, Chris Carmichael, who paid a visit to the Virool HQ in San Francisco.

Advertainment Weekly: Soccer babes

Countdown to Cannes Lions 2016 starts now! This week we start off with the rising influence of tech companies at the biggest industry event of the year.

Vertical Video: The new line of ad blocker defense

The internet lives off of ads. Ads pay for the content and enable publishers to keep sharing their work for free or at minimal cost.

Advertainment Weekly: Tasty highway hijinks

This week we’re looking at current and upcoming trends, starting with why vertical video continues to prove its utility against horizontal. We then learn why the adoption process for programmatic hasn’t been at the pace we expected. Meanwhile, Vine stars are increasingly leaving the platform to find more commercial success on Facebook and Snapchat and …

Advertainment Weekly: In da hostel with 50 Cent

Vertical video is heating up this week with tips from its first adopters. Meanwhile, silent videos state their claim, publishers vent their frustrations about new Facebook rules, and we learn the ins and outs of native advertising. For your advertainment, this week 50 Cent takes us on a tour of HostelWorld’s latest Barcelona crib. What …

Our DSP got a makeover!

At Virool, we know that video distribution is not a one-size-fits-all process and that is why we’ve given our platform a total makeover! Today, I am pleased to introduce you to Virool’s new and improved DSP to help video marketers make the most of their video advertising dollars.

Forging ahead in new markets

Recruiting in new markets is interesting – your product is new and few people, if any, and have heard of you.

Advertainment Weekly: Power suit

This week, we start off with a study conducted by the New York Times that investigates ad blocking, then we delve into why it’s a good idea to have a good mix of both skippable and non-skippable ad content.

Advertainment Weekly: Very vertical video

This week, Advertainment Weekly is going very vertical. We start with Snapchat, and how the social icon has helped us change our perspective.