Vertical Video


At Virool we are always innovating and expanding our advertising opportunities. In order to revolutionize brand advertising for digital platforms we are proud to announce that we have partnered with Snapchat! Yes, c’mon, we’ve all heard of snapchat. Take a video or picture, add some clever text or weird emoji, send it to a friend. …

Vertical Video Is on the Rise

Do you remember when having internet on your phone was an unfathomable luxury? Flipping open your LG enV with a little too much enthusiasm sometimes meant accidentally opening the world wide web, which was the single most terrifying minute for your cellphone bill. These days your cell phone lives on the internet and has become …

Vertical Video: The new line of ad blocker defense

The internet lives off of ads. Ads pay for the content and enable publishers to keep sharing their work for free or at minimal cost.

Get Vertical Reveal: vertical video on mobile-web

When it comes to digital video, it’s time we start changing our perspective. We live in a modern world where everything is being consumed in the palm of our hand, and that includes video. As apps like Snapchat, Facebook and Periscope condition the modern viewer to experience video the vertical way, it’s time that the …

Vertical video, why or why not?

When was the last time you had to twist your TV screen around in order to watch a movie? Or flip your desktop monitor to enrich your Netflix experience? Even a junior marketer knows the golden rule that every additional step you add in the process of consuming content will cut your audience by 40-50%.