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What is “Ad Operations” anyway?

Ad Operations is an area within the world of digital advertising that most people probably don’t know too much about. How complicated could it be, right? It’s how digital advertisements”¦ operate. It’s in the title for goodness sake!

Pokemon Go, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality

Pokemon Go is a certified viral phenomenon. After bursting out of beta last week, it has now surpassed Tinder and Twitter in terms of daily active users. Through a clever engaging format and tugging at young adult nostalgia, Pokemon Go has redefined the standards for mobile gaming. The lengths that players go through to find …

Virool U: Industry trends – Rise of multi-platform

Mobile is no longer a nice to have, it is a must have. Consumers are dividing time and attention among numerous digital devices in the age of mobile. Smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, TV’s, OTTs, wearables and more are all part of daily habits among consumers.

Virool U: Industry Trends – Shift from TV to digital video

Shift from TV to digital Traditional TV consumption is on the decline causing advertisers to shift budgets to digital. The shift in video consumption and viewing habits are fundamentally changing the industry. Why is this happening? Consumers are no longer willing to pay high process for bundles of channels they do not watch. Instead, they …

Virool U: Industry trends – The measurability debate

The measurability debate Advertisers are demanding better measurability of digital advertising. To date, there is still a lot of debate and confusion in the industry on what these new standards should be.

It’s official! Advertainment gets a definition

We’ve been saying it for years, and today, we have the backing and support of the entire video advertising industry: advertainment is the future of digital video advertising.

Virool U: Industry Trends – Rise of programmatic advertising

What is programmatic advertising? Programmatic advertising is essentially the automation of the relationship and the buying process between an advertiser and publisher and it’s bringing in technology to make that a lot more seamless.

Virool U: Industry trends – Digital ad fraud

Digital Ad Fraud Fraud is an enormous problem in the digital advertising industry, leading to lost ad dollars from advertisers and publishers as well as general suspicion of the industry.

Virool Scam and Fraud Protection Review

You You want more than a high video view count. You want your video in front of the right audience, in a space that drives the audience to take action. Your ROI is tied to more than vanity metrics.

Put your trust in programmatic

We’re human. We fear what we don’t understand. A recent study from AppNexus 2015 Global Programmatic Trust Study revealed a large discrepancy between the numbers of respondents who said they use programmatic (67 percent) compared to the number who say they understand how it works.