Video Tips & Tricks

Top 9 ways to optimize video creative

One of the questions we’re asked the most is how to optimize video creative for online advertising.

What to say when your client asks, “Did it run?”

It’s no secret that TV is expensive. If clients want to be in primetime content then they have to pay primetime prices. For instance, one Super Bowl unit this year sold for over $5 million!

How to drive conversion on your online video

At Virool, we are always focused on the idea of driving engagement, making consumers more willing to share and interact with video content. That said, there are times when I am speaking to a client and they ask how video promotion can achieve sales.

5 Ways to Boost Productivity at Work

As a blindly idealistic millennial, I am new to the workforce and am constantly exploring new ways to navigate it every day. My job and my peers challenge me to be my best self, and I am constantly learning how to improve myself and grow my career.

Are you down with PMP?

Advertising technology has forever altered the relationship between advertisers and publishers. It is now possible to launch and manage entire digital media campaigns across all channels, via the best placements, with almost no human interaction. Media buying methods have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Direct buys offer great control and insights, but they can be …

5 video advertising trends for 2016

What’s trending in 2016? Well, I am sure you have heard, read, or seen somewhere that online video advertising is blasting off. The average click-through-rate (CTR) of video ads is 1.84 percent, the highest CTR of all digital ad formats.

6 steps to landing a job out of college

 Virool Connections is our newest content series. Each month you’ll meet another Viroolian and get a glimpse into their unique life experiences.

Put your trust in programmatic

We’re human. We fear what we don’t understand. A recent study from AppNexus 2015 Global Programmatic Trust Study revealed a large discrepancy between the numbers of respondents who said they use programmatic (67 percent) compared to the number who say they understand how it works.

What do the holidays mean for CPM prices?

For most people, the end of the year brings up thoughts of family gatherings, delicious food, gift giving, etc. However, if you’re in advertising, this time of year means only one thing: advertising season.

A few good (sales) men and women

In 2015, over half of all digital advertising dollars were placed via programmatic means. By next year, that investment will likely cross the $20 billion mark, if you aggregate mobile, display and video spending.