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Politics + digital video = the bipartisan match

November is a mere six months away and the race is nowhere near final. Eventually the pack will thin out, supporters will unite, and candidate’s will ramp up their marketing efforts.

Kennedy to Fey: Defining political video moments

Video advertising has become synonymous with election season. The power of video is well established and it’s hard to turn on the TV or go online without some reference to November 2016. This reality was not always the case though. Believe it or not there was a time when the elections were completely separated from …

The SF Mayoral race: ballots vs likes

The Mayoral race came to an unsurprising ending on Tuesday, with incumbent Ed Lee cruising to the finish line with over 70,000 votes. His closest opponent, Stuart Schuffman, received only 18,000.

The Presidential View: Who’s winning the #VidDebate?

Many tuned in last night to the Democratic Presidential debate, which Twitter so cleverly dubbed #DemDebate. While pundits weigh in on last night’s prime-time politicking, we’re establishing which candidates have been winning the Presidential web engagement race.