CEO Corner

Vertical Video Is on the Rise

Do you remember when having internet on your phone was an unfathomable luxury? Flipping open your LG enV with a little too much enthusiasm sometimes meant accidentally opening the world wide web, which was the single most terrifying minute for your cellphone bill. These days your cell phone lives on the internet and has become …

Viewability guaranteed. That’s our promise!

At Virool, we have always given our clients complete transparency into the performance of their video campaigns. Today we are taking that one step further with an exciting new addition.

Fireside Chat with Chris Carmichael

Our fireside chats continued last week with Snapchat icon, Chris Carmichael, who paid a visit to the Virool HQ in San Francisco.

Fireside chat with Jake Paul

My good friend Jake Paul joined me last week for a fireside chat at Virool. For most guys, 19 means planning for that big midterm exam or convincing the local bar that they are of age.

Fireside Chat with Noah Kagan

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of hosting my friend, Noah Kagan, for a fireside chat at the Virool HQ. By way of introduction, Noah is a growth marketing leader and currently leads the way as CEO and co-founder of SumoMe, a long-time partner of Virool’s marketing team.

450 million unique profiles on Virool’s DMP

From day one, Virool’s programmatic video platform was designed with advertainment in mind. Our mission has always been to help anyone with an online video get noticed, and that’s how we came to help 75,000 campaigns with their video distribution.

High Alignment & Autonomy: Why Virool adapted the Spotify engineering culture

Engineering is in my DNA, so let me start with the quantitative: we’ve had zero engineers leave Virool for another job. Why?

Reddit CEO Fireside Chat

“Reddit is all about delivering a real authentic human connection with someone. Reddit has a soul,” said Reddit’s CEO, Steve Huffman, last week when he joined me for a fireside chat at Virool.

Quaker “The Recital” wins a ZERO-G Experience®

12 months. Over 250 video marketing teams. 10 finalists. 1 winner.

Wrap up of Cannes Lions 2015

Last week I, along with five other team members, visited the South of France for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.