At Virool we are always innovating and expanding our advertising opportunities. In order to revolutionize brand advertising for digital platforms we are proud to announce that we have partnered with Snapchat!

Yes, c’mon, we’ve all heard of snapchat. Take a video or picture, add some clever text or weird emoji, send it to a friend.
You may be thinking… is Snapchat relevant to me even if my business doesn’t target millennials? While it is true that a large chunk of Snapchat’s audience are millennials, if you plan to grow and continue your business for 10 -15 more years, millennials will one day become your customers.

Snapchat has been adored by us millennials and has perpetually bemused marketers. With an app that is so incredibly popular today marketers have been hoping for an opportunity to connect with the app’s audience. It allows you to tell a story in a different, more creatively-relevant way, stretching beyond the parameters of what you might do traditionally.

The various ad formats on snapchat will allow us to directly place your ad in between Snapchat stories. Ads on Snapchat encourage users to click on there ad – and it gives users a fun reason to find out more about your product. As an active Snapchat user (and millennial), I’ll click on the ads and if one catches my attention, I’ll go ahead and visit them online.

Snapchat is fun, Snapchat and innovating. So it doesn’t really matter what you think about Snapchat: it’s here to stay. And that’s why it should matter to you: it’s a great way to target a younger audience: the infamous Millennials- yes myself included.

So what is it that we love about Snapchat? It’s a way to share live experiences virtually. The platform enables the user to send text, picture, and video messages to each other that disappear after they’re viewed. Users can also post these photos or videos to their “Story,” where anyone who follows them can view the message for the next 24 hours.

It’s temporary lifespan of the posts are what makes Snapchat unique among social networks, and what makes it the network perfect for advertising. Just like your ad, Snapchat enables a temporary experience that can have an incredible impact.

A generation of influencers, with those older and younger looking to us for the latest in food, fashion, music, culture, and tech. Snapchat has the sixth highest concentration of millennial users among mobile apps. What does this mean? This means, Snapchat and its content has our attention!