Advertainment Weekly: The international anthem

This week we start with a new study on advertiser spending habits from Zenith. The media company found that TV spending is still ahead of mobile, so we have four graphs to help understand the upcoming changes in advertising spending habits. Then we learn why 360 video has the potential to be a boon for advertisers and James Brown of the Rubicon Project tells us why mobile video is a marketing necessity. Then for your advertainment, Samsung gives us the new international anthem for the earth.

How TV ad spend stacks up against digital ad spend in 4 charts

It’s a well known fact at this point that mobile is dominant in terms of consumer traffic. That said, a recent study by Zenith shows that TV advertising spending will still exceed that of mobile for the next few years. Digiday has created four graphs to help their readers visualize the coming changes in spending trends.

360-degree video offers opportunity for brands

If you’ve been on Facebook within the past year, chances are you’ve seen at least one 360 degree video. This trend creates an immersive, unique viewer experience, kind of like virtual reality’s lightweight cousin. The potential of this medium for brands is massive as it incites a very individual form of high engagement. MediaPost has the scoop.

Advertisers will pay for premium video, but screen size matters

As discussed above, a recent study done by Zenith found that TV ad spending will still outpace mobile for a couple years. Adexchanger describes that while mobile is where the people are, it still needs some proving in the eyes of advertisers as an ad source. The days of complete mobile supremacy are coming, they’re just slightly stalled for now.

Mobile video a marketing necessity, not a luxury

In this piece on CMO by James Brown, Managing Director UK and Nordics at the Rubicon Project, he describes how mobile video advertising has grown into a need-to-have from a nice-to-have. Between the proliferation of smartphones, consumers’ clear preference for video content, and the potential of both programmatic and vertical video, mobile video should be a keystone in any campaign.

The world’s national anthem

The world can be a dark and scary place, so in addition to promoting Samsung’s Edge phone, the company is also using their resources to promote international unity ahead of this summer’s Olympic games. The spirit of the games is that of coming together, so the spot takes together pieces of country’s national anthems to create one inspiring song for the earth.