Advertainment Weekly: Frank’s Ocean of a mind

The presidential campaign is heating up and digital is leading the way! We have a report on the three ways our leading candidates are approaching online advertising. Then we have new from Malibu Rum that they are spending three quarters of their marketing budget on digital this year. Meanwhile, the UK has seen a massive decrease in ad viewability within the past 18 months and a new metric based on ”˜time-spent’ may help us measure engagement. Then for your advertainment, Calvin Klein lets us look into the enigmatic mind of musician, Frank Ocean.

What to watch for as the digital presidential campaigns unfold

Digital marketing is more important than ever in the upcoming presidential election. Three out of four American voters can be found both on mobile as well as on Facebook. This write up by the Harvard Business Review delves into the differences in Trump and Hillary’s approach to digital, mobile, and big data surrounding the upcoming election.

Why Malibu rum is bullish on digital marketing

Malibu rum has seen a recent slip in its sales, so their team is betting big on digital marketing. 75% of their marketing budget will be dedicated to their efforts, which is up 60% from last year. They recognize that digital campaigns give them a chance to target their consumers a more finely tuned, sobering, way. Digiday has the scoop.

Why do UK display-ad-viewability rates keep sinking?

Viewability is a very sticky subject in the advertising world and considering the constant discussion surrounding it, you would think that means that it’s improving, but it’s actually getting worse. This concern is especially strong in the UK, where ads have sunk from 54% viewable to 47% viewable, which is their lowest point in the past 18 months. What’s next? Digiday has the story.

The new advertising currency: ‘time-Spent’

Engagement is one of the key goals in video advertising, but as a metric, it’s very difficult to measure. A new measurement model based on ”˜time-spent’ has been made in hopes of addressing this issue. Measurement with digital advertising is never straightforward, however, so MediaPost describes both the benefits and flaws within this new model.

Frank Ocean’s Calvins

Frank Ocean is a bit of an enigma wrapped in a mystery and Calvin Klein capitalizes on this mystique in this new spot for their boxer briefs. We get a look into his mind and more questions are raised instead of answers as he appears to hint at the potential release date of his next album.