Super Bowl 50: The Emotional eIQ Evaluation

The big game is over and the Broncos have come out on top, but the competition for this year’s best ads continues. According to AdWeek, Doritos, Heinz, Jeep, Audi and T-Mobile topped the list for best ads of the Super Bowl based on social metrics and views. So the question remains: which of these five came out on top?

At Virool we can take it one step farther, and look one level deeper, to see which videos truly outperformed the rest. We ran each of the top 5 videos on Virool’s eIQ to gauge the true emotional responses to each video, in real time, and see which video advertainment earned the crown jewel.

Today, I am here to break down the hard data and reveal the number one Super Bowl ad of 2016. The results will surprise, sadden or maybe even disgust you!

In Fifth Place: Jeep “Portraits”


EmotionAll Score: 5
Impact Score: 6

Super Bowl spots can be loud and aggressive, so this reflective spot from Jeep provides an inspirational breather. Unlike most ads, this video is actually formatted like a slideshow of portraits which allows eIQ to give us some interesting data on the emotional response to each image that appears on screen. While the artistry is high, the EmotionAll score came in at 5 out of 10, the lowest on this list. However, it’s worth noting that this particular ad is optimized for a vertical, mobile screen, so when viewed outside of that space it is not at its full impact potential.

In Fourth Place: Audi “Commander”


EmotionAll Score: 6
Impact Score: 6

Audi tugged at our heartstrings with a little help from David Bowie in this nostalgic spot about a retired NASA commander. Looking at the eIQ data about midway through, we can see that viewers were drawn to the screen during the bonding moment between father and son, when the Commander realizes how at home he is in his car. However, it struggled at commanding (no pun intended) and retaining viewers’ attention as you can see from the relatively flat change in mood through the duration of the ad.

In Third Place: T-Mobile “Restricted Bling”


EmotionAll Score: 7
Impact Score: 5

A favorite this year was this commercial by T-Mobile featuring Drake flexing his comedic chops. According to eIQ, this video received an EmotionAll score of 7 which is an impressive score! However, at the end of the ad we see negative feelings spike. Impactful ads end with viewers at peak happiness, but when you look at the graph for happiness on eIQ, you see that happiness and engagement both drop when Drake leaves the scene. Give the people Drake, T-Mobile, it’s what they want!

In Second Place: Doritos “Ultrasound”

EmotionAll Score: 6
Impact Score: 7


“Ultrasound” by Doritos Baby may have been the most shared commercial of the game, but did it win on the emotional front? Clearly, producer Peter Carstairs was looking for a shock value when he made this video, and it worked! Looking at the eIQ chart, you can see a peak in engagement at the moment when the baby springs towards the snack. However, this video also saw an upward trend in positive and negative responses, which is further evidenced in the uproar across social media after the video aired on Sunday.

And the wi(e)nner is? Heinz “Wiener Stampede”


EmotionAll Score: 9
Impact Score: 9

Meet the Ketchup Family, your favorite new family of condiments from Heinz. In this cuddly spot, engagement peaked when the weiner dog stampede is reunited with their ketchup kin. Based off of its eIQ report and EmotionAll score, there is no doubt that this was the most successful ad on the list. It scored a whopping 9 on EmotionAll and impact, which was the highest from this sampling, and received a staggering 78% engagement. We also see happiness and engagement peak at the moment when Heinz flashes its brand on the screen, thereby solidifying the subconscious, favorable feelings for the brand. As always, cute dogs win out.