Seriously Startup: The Energy Fountain

We are fully cognizant of the fact that we work in one of the strangest places from a cultural standpoint, so we’re not afraid to poke fun at ourselves from time to time. Our series, “Seriously Startup,” continues with what happens after the late developers and everyone else finally make it into the office.

It’s no secret that many startups’ employees work long, late hours, as the culture is consistently go go go. Large companies like your Googles, Zyngas, and Airbnbs help their workers reenergize with swanky coffee bars, futuristic nap pods, and invigorating climbing walls.

In our latest episode we take on the hypothetical solution of replacing all our office water fountains with energy drinks.

It’s a fast, easy, harmless solution, right?

Of course, we do not recommend this as a course of action or solution to the energy deficit of the valley. There are plenty of other, healthier solutions.