It’s official! Advertainment gets a definition

We’ve been saying it for years, and today, we have the backing and support of the entire video advertising industry: advertainment is the future of digital video advertising.

Today, the IAB released a new Digital Video Glossary to help our ever evolving industry understand how to define it. Among the many terms that make-up video advertising, the IAB has listed advertainment as, “A video ad that uses storytelling to communicate a brand message. Generally refers to video creative that prioritizes entertainment over advertising and typically has a duration greater than 60 seconds.”

Where did advertainment begin?

In 2015, Virool launched a campaign to spread awareness around advertainment, starting with a proposal. Not just any proposal! We literally got down on one knee and proposed to the Chief of Global Media and Consumer Engagement at Mondelez International, Bonin Bough, who got engaged to #Advertainment. Since then, we’ve seen thousands of video marketers from around the world adopt Advertainment as part of their marketing plan and their everyday vernacular.

Why does advertainment work?

Viewers don’t hate ads; they hate ads that disrupt their experience without adding value. If you want to create a video that impacts the people you show it to, you should follow the formula for advertainment and prioritize the story. Unlike any other ad format, a video has the power to evoke deep emotions and trigger a subconscious connection to a brand. With advertainment, you can use the canvas of the web to create videos that tap an emotional response and moves an audience to an action. Don’t just take it from me! Here are videos from Turkish Airlines, Old Navy and Home Away that used Advertainment to communicate their brand message.

This shift is just the beginning

Now that advertainment was added to the video glossary, we have work to do. If we want to conquer the ad blockers and break the mold that TV once held us to, we need to make real change. The good news is, we’re moving in the right direction. This week, Twitter announced it is now offering 30-second and longer pre-roll video ads, up from its previous six-second limit. Even TV is embracing long-form media, as Turner Broadcasting announced its plans to shift commercial breaks into 3-minute long native ads.

Want to produce advertainment? Here are some helpful resources to get you started: