Doritos Crash the Super Bowl: We predict the winner

This Sunday, the Denver Broncos will face the Carolina Panthers in the biggest competition of the season. The Super Bowl XLVII will draw crowds from across the world who tune in to watch these two teams compete for the crown in San Francisco.

Beyond football, the big screen is playing field for another competition; a Doritos competition. Known as “Crash the Super Bowl,” three video marketers have been competing for a 30-second slot that will air during the big game. Last year, I correctly predicted the Doritos contest winner. This year, I’m going all in for “Ultrasound” by Doritos Baby. Here’s why.

Engagement is off the charts

Using Virool’s VideoSpy, a free chrome extension that uncovers the digital metrics of any YouTube video, we can see that “Ultrasound” has blown its competition out of the water. VideoSpy measures the engagement rate on a video, which takes into account the number of social shares compared to video views.

For “Ultrasound” we see a 3.57% engagement on the YouTube video, compared to 1.56% for “Doritos Dogs” and 0.33% for “Swipe for Doritos”. The power of video virality lies in the ability to achieve earned media and “Ultrasound” has clearly won over the social web. People aren’t just watching the video, they are engaging with it. Liking, tweeting, posting, sharing it with their friends.


To show our support, we got in touch with “Ultrasound” producer, Peter Carstairs, to ask him a few questions about his hilarious video.

At Virool, we believe in “advertainment,” a video ad that puts entertainment first and advertising second. Your video embodies advertainment for Doritos. Can you tell us a little more about how you formulated the content to produce a viral hit?

I agree that if you want to have impact – viral or otherwise – your video must, first and foremost, be entertaining. It doesn’t have to be funny, so long as it moves people. It can be inspiring, or heartbreaking, or moving. The important thing is that you make your audience feel some strong emotion, otherwise it’ll never truly reach anyone. When designing “Ultrasound”, my writers, Heath and Liam, and I knew we wanted to produce something absurdly hilarious because we knew it would resonate with the Doritos audience. We were laughing from concept, to shooting, to edit, and we still laugh now. We were excited to see that Doritos agreed with our sense of humor!

Last year, we correctly predicted the winner of the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl based on the total online engagement that each video has received. This year, we are going for 2 – 0. What have you done to spark a conversation across the web about your video?

To promote “Ultrasound,” we engaged in a massive social media campaign, with a tight budget. We realised very quickly that just because something had worked in the past, didn’t mean it would work again and this is especially true of social media. At first, our goal was to drive traffic directly to the Doritos voting site, but we realized that direct response was not an effective goal for video. That’s when we switched gears and re-worked our strategy to focus on the virality of the video or social engagement, particularly across Facebook, where we could respond and interact with the people seeing our video. We made sure to keep our message ”˜personal’ and to tailor it depending on whose page it was and who was commenting. As the campaign ran, we saw that women were engaging with our video more than men, so we optimized the campaign towards women. From there, the video took off! It went viral, being shared across different sites, blogs and social channels. For me personally, it has been a 24 hour job that I wouldn’t change for anything. As of today, “Ultrasound” has been seen by about 52 million people on Facebook and shared 1.3 million times. Whether that equates to a vote or not is anyone’s guess!

On the topic of predictions, who do you predict to be the winner of the big game on Sunday? Broncos or Panthers?

Well, I’m an Aussie and we always love to get behind an underdog. So I’m predicting the Broncos for the big game. Go Broncos!