Advertainment Weekly: Wiener dog stampede

This week we look ahead towards changing consumer behaviors in the video advertising industry. A new study answers questions about viewability, Nudge shows us the way for native advertising, and Rubicon Project rocks the vote with digital devices.As the Broncos prepare to face the Panthers, a new study from Adobe reveals where and when we’ll watch the Big Game and Heinz unleashes new advertainment featuring a stampede of adorable wieners.

Are Viewable Ads Actually Effective for Marketers? 10,000-person Study Sheds Light

Is a “viewable” ad effective for marketers? It’s a simple question, with a complex answer. A new study by IPG Media Labs, Integral Ad Science, and Cadreon tested ad viewability with a large sample size of 10,000 people to see what works. AdAge has the findings.

103 Native Advertising Tools to Explore in 2016

Native advertising has exploded onto the scene as advertisers and publishers turn to native as a viable solution to digital marketing. This week, Nudge published a large list of the best native advertising tools on the market for content creation, video distribution, publishing and optimization. Check out the complete list here.

Rubicon Survey Flags Shifts In Voters’ Media Habits

As the 2016 campaign trail heats up, MediaPost reports that presidential hopefuls are looking for new ways to reach voters, particularly millennials. This week, a new study by the Rubicon Project, it’s clear that media preferences are shifting as voters are increasingly moving online, and away from TV.

ADI: Super Bowl 50 Will Be Tipping Point For Ad Industry

As the Broncos prepare to face the Panthers this weekend, a new analysis by the Adobe Digital Index (ADI) shows the upcoming Super Bowl will be a tipping point for the advertising industry. According to CMO, an increasing number of consumers will be watching the Big Game either online or viewing multiscreen.

Wiener Stampede

Have you met the condiment family? Just in time for the Big Game, a new spot from Heinz by DAVID features a stampede of adorable weiner dogs as they run to greet their favorite family.