Advertainment Weekly: This is better reality

This week we dive into the growing power of programmatic, digital, and mobile ads. Recent surveys show that senior marketers are placing a lot of faith in the future of programmatic. Meanwhile, Rubicon Project lays out their opinion on ad blocking, Quantcast shows that mobile ads are inspiring purchases, and we discover if emotion really sells. For your advertainment, Verizon shows us what better reality is with Odell Beckham Jr.

Programmatic ads provide greater ROI

A recent study of senior level marketers showed that 61% believe programmatic advertising provides greater ROI than traditional media. It also found that another 45% are planning to increase their media budgets for programmatic in the upcoming year. What else did they find? Campaign has the results.

Rubicon Project’s take on digital and ad blocking

SNL recently sat down with the Rubicon Project’s Chief Product Officer, Dax Hamman, to discuss the future of TV advertising budgets and the rise of digital. In this interview, Hamman touches on the rise of ad blocking, what it means for the ad industry, and why he isn’t particularly worried about it.

Mobile ads inspire purchases

Internet Retailer details a recent study by Quantcast shows that 64% of consumers say they have been swayed by a mobile ad to make a purchase. There’s this notion that mobile ads are disruptive to people’s online experiences, but 76% of those surveyed said they accepted the ad as long as it is well tailored to them.

Does emotion sell?

According to marketing professionals and experts (and Virool!) it does, but according to science, emotions have no place in selling. Why, then, do marketers spend so much time and energy making consumers feel good feelings towards their brands? CMO by Adobe has the answer.

Better reality

A virtual reality experience where you get to throw around the pigskin with NFL superstar Odell Beckham Jr. sounds pretty fun right? These unwitting Verizon customers certainly thought so until virtual reality got even better.