Advertainment Weekly: The Power of Possible

This week, the IAB released a new Digital Video Glossary to help our evolving industry make sense of the jargon. Meanwhile, Virool announced the scale and reach of its DMP, AdWeek explains what zero gravity felt like, and ReelSEO answers the when, how and why of video promotion. For your advertainment, U.S. Bank shows off the power of possible that leaves a lot to the imagination.

Say what? IAB unveils a video advertising glossary

So much advertising jargon, what does it all mean? This week the IAB released a new Digital Video Glossary to help our ever evolving industry understand how to define it. Among the many terms that make-up video advertising, the IAB has added advertainment to the list. What else made the cut? MediaPost has the story.

Virool says its DMP can reach 450M unique profiles globally

With 75,000 campaigns under our belt, Virool knows a thing or two about data. This week, MediaPost covered the news that Virool has amassed a robust Data Management Platform with precision to reach more than 450 million unique profiles around the world. We’re not just targeting, we’re optimizing.

When should you promote video content with paid media?

With so much amazing video content available on the Internet, marketers need to think about how best to invest in paid promotion. A new article in ReelSEO answers the when, how and why of video promotion for mobile marketers. Reporter, Greg Jarobe, said, “The view counter is merely a vanity metric,” as more brands are looking at metrics which measure attention and engagement. Amen!

What I learned when I flew to zero gravity with an oatmeal brand and an ad tech firm

More than a year ago, Virool launched a contest to send one lucky video marketing team to zero gravity. This week, that dream became a reality when we celebrated the winner of our contest, Quaker “The Recital” and sent the team from PepsiCo, Studio m, OMD Canada, Praxis and Social Labs into orbit. Marty Swant, from AdWeek, can tell you what it felt like.

The power of possible

A new campaign from Carmichael Lynch leaves a lot to the imagination, in this beautiful new advertainment for U.S. Bank where a young couple floats through their dream home.