Advertainment Weekly: Can a snowball survive hell?

It’s an exciting time to be working in ad-tech! This week, a new infographic shows a supersonic explosion, out-stream comes of age, Twitter adds new premium video to the feed, and Google hits the nail in the coffin for Adobe Flash. For your advertainment, GE celebrates the modern scientist with an experiment that mixes fire with water.

Ad tech has undergone a supersonic explosion in the past 5 years

At Virool, I’ve been first-hand witness to the rapid growth of one ad-tech company. But this fancy new infographic in AdWeek outlines the astronomical explosion that our entire industry has seen in the past five years, and how it has outpaced predictions by the billions.

Has out-stream come of age?

Some call it out-stream, others refer to it as in-article. Sure, we can’t agree on its name, but we definitely can agree this new video format is here to stay. A new article in AdExchanger breaks down the reasons why out-stream ad units like Virool’s InLine are working for advertisers, publishers, and most importantly, the viewers.

Twitter is going to start putting a daily video advert at the top of the timeline

This week, Twitter introduced “First View,” a new, premium placement that will serve a video ad at the top of a user’s timeline when they first log into the app or desktop site. Marketers can own the slot for a 24-hour period and target the 320 million monthly people that are actively using Twitter’s social services. Business Insider has the scoop.

Google is banning Flash ads beginning in 2017

Adobe Flash has been falling out of favor for sometime now. This week, Google hit a final nail in the coffin by announcing to all advertising partners that they must switch over to HTML5 within the year. Their reason? HTML is safer and less likely to be harboring malware. Virool is already helping advertisers make the switch, now it’s time to take the plunge. Catch the rest in Digiday.

A Snowball’s Chance in hell

Happy Inventors’ Day! In celebration of the the ingenuity of modern scientists, GE has released a webseries with some help from BBDO that takes on seemingly impossible challenges. This signature spot investigates if it is possible to preserve a snowball within the hottest, most unwelcoming conditions on earth.