Advertainment Weekly: Bob Ross Paints on an iPad

This week we explore the role and future of native video advertising. Studies have found that media buyers are primarily focusing their marketing dollars on native inventory found by way of PMP. Meanwhile, there is a growing audience in Japan where the video ad tech space is still relatively untouched, and marketers continue to find success in neuromarketing. For your advertainment, Adobe gives Bob Ross a blank canvas known as an iPad.

Brand direct media buyers opt for native ad formats

The Drum features a new study by The Rubicon Project that reveals brand direct buyers far and away prefer purchasing advertising inventory by way of PMPs due to their focus on “brand safe” inventory. This same study also discovered a heavy preference towards native advertising and 100% of buyers from the US, APAC, and LATAM are looking to expand their spending in mobile video in this coming year.

A less disruptive advertising future

Consumers agree that they dislike advertising, but many still interact with it. This article from MediaPost says that the best way to convince consumers to act with your content is by making your ad as native as possible; ie making it complement the external content. This feat is achieved through personalization and accurate segmentation, so the ad becomes complementary, rather than disruptive.

Here’s how neuroscience can help improve mobile marketing

Making consumers happy and making them want to engage with your content is the goal of most advertisers. Our friend Marty Swant wrote a story for AdWeek about a new Nielsen study that shows the benefits of completing a neurological research study ahead of an ad’s release, in order to ensure you’re conveying the right message and attracting the eye to the correct part of the ad. The rise of mobile and the associated shortened attention span makes this research even more crucial.

Ad tech’s global challenge – a Japanese perspective

The internet is global, therefore so is ad tech, and this week we’re focused on APAC and the rise of digital advertising in Japan. AdAge has a new story about how Japan works in relative isolation to the rest of the world and the opportunity for ad tech to expand into their space. Video is highly popular, but there are few distribution platforms focused on reaching Japanese consumers.

The Joy of Sketching

The beloved Bob Ross is an iconic painter, with an iconic hair-do. This week, Adobe paid tribute to the painting legend in a new parody that portrays the power of digital “painting” on an iPad Pro.