Advertainment Weekly: Adios amigo!

This week we start by investigating the future of digital advertising as it takes over TV spending. We then peer into the ongoing battle against ad blocking and the current reach of mobile devices in the United States. Meanwhile, a recent investigation shows what it takes for brands to live up to consumer expectations and we bid a fond adieu to our old friend at Dos Equis, The Most Interesting Man in the World in their new advertainment.

Digital ad spending to surpass TV next year

Exciting news! For the first time ever, digital advertising spending will surpass TV next year. eMarketer forecasts that TV advertising will reach $72.01 billion, which will be 35.8% of total media spending in the US. Meanwhile digital spending will reach $77.27 billion, 38.4% of the total pie.

Fight ad-blocking by raising creative game

This week, the CMO of the Post Office, Peter Markey, reports to Marketing Magazine that he’s not worried about ad-blocking just yet because it can be fought off with more creative content. As Markey said, adblockers can be beat by high quality marketing that is aimed at a targeted audience.

Smartphone ownership just shy of 80%

A recent survey by ComScore shows that smartphone penetration is just below 80% in the United States. Android and iOS continue to battle it out for top operating system share as an increasingly dwindling number of people hold onto their BlackBerry devices. MarketingLand has the story.

Customer expectations have changed

The modern consumer is much more continually connected than they used to be, so brands must be prepared to be agile and adaptable. This week, CMO outlines a number of aspirational features for agile brands including specific behaviors, customer interactions, and what consumers are looking for now.

The Most Interesting Man in the World is lifting off

The Most Interesting Man in the World is a cultural icon and a brand ambassador for the ages. Sadly, Dos Equis recognized that it was time for a change, so our dear friend is onto his next adventure to become the most interesting man in the universe. To infinity, and beyond!