450 million unique profiles on Virool’s DMP

From day one, Virool’s programmatic video platform was designed with advertainment in mind. Our mission has always been to help anyone with an online video get noticed, and that’s how we came to help 75,000 campaigns with their video distribution.

We’ve run a lot of campaigns. So what?

With 75,000 campaigns under our belt, Virool knows a thing or two about data. Today, we’re excited to announce that Virool has amassed a robust Data Management Platform with precision to reach more than 450 million unique profiles around the world. The sheer size of our DMP is unprecedented, allowing Virool to collect, aggregate, analyze and ultimately activate audience profiles for client video campaigns.

How does the DMP work, exactly?

Virool uses cookie data to collect and store historical profiles across the web that are refreshed every two months, guaranteeing the accuracy of every profile in its system. Now advertisers on the Virool platform can combine their first-party audience data with Virool second-party data, that can be classified, segmented, and layered on top of BlueKai’s third-party data for hyper-targeted audience segments. Leveraging each powerful data set, advertisers have richer and more actionable information for tailored video campaigns.

Introducing the Virool Optimization Engine

Virool is putting our data to good use. Beyond measurement, our DMP is helping clients rethink the way that they plan their campaigns. We’re not just targeting, we’re optimizing. With the Virool Optimization Engine, our clients can optimize for the things that matter most to video marketers like social sharing, interaction rates, and viewability. Fueled by Virool’s powerful DMP, the Optimization Engine uses a powerful, machine-learning algorithm to accurately identify which impressions within a target audience will deliver maximum results.