Advertainment Weekly: Autoplay Video is Here to Stay

Autoplay! It’s really happening. Facebook was the first to bring autoplay video to our screens and now and it is now becoming an imperative part of the advertising ecosystem. This week, Yahoo has also jumped on board, offering autoplay video to its advertisers. Meanwhile, Facebook has teamed up with creative studios to offer branded content creation to its advertisers, (on autoplay naturally). And for your advertainment of the day, Turkish Airlines nails all of the startup stereotypes in one hilarious [...]

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Earth Day is a global holiday to celebrate, well, the Earth and it also happens to be the largest civic event in the world, celebrated simultaneously around the globe by people of all backgrounds, faiths, and nationalities.

3 RFP Mistakes That Impact Your Digital Media Campaign

If there is one thing that digital does better than TV, it is measurability, so I am never surprised when I receive an RFP that has a laundry list of KPIs that are an attempt to measure success. The problem is that many RFP creators make mistakes that set up their digital media campaign to fail from the very beginning.

Happy National Cheeseball Day!

What happened after an explosion at a French cheese factory? … All that was left was de brie.

Yes, today, April 17th, is a day near and dear to my heart. On this day, we pay tribute to the glorious cheeseball, a snack-food that will leave you feeling sharp as cheddar. To honor the great puffs of our past, we’ve rounded up some of the cheesiest advertainments that we’ve ever seen.

Advertainment Weekly: Inner Thoughts

Programmatic, programmatic, and more programmatic. Whether it is on your computer, your mobile device, or a screen in your rideshare, automation is a key focus this week in advertainment. AOL joins the adtech race unveiling its own advertising platform to compete with AdWords and Atlas. And Nike Women #FTW with their latest campaign “Better For It.”

From Mad Men to Math Men

Don asks: “What’s the most exciting thing about a suitcase?” … Peggy Answers: “Going somewhere.” It used to be just that simple.

The OLV View is a Fiat Currency

What constitutes a digital advertising video view?

The industry’s governing body, the IAB, takes the stance that a linear video impression is the same as any digital ad impression; it’s counted when served. However, since nearly all video ad content – commercials on television and programming meant purely for digital distribution – almost always gets uploaded to YouTube, the Google site’s counter has become the de facto currency used by marketers to determine relevance, popularity and “virality.” 

Advertainment Weekly: Uber Safe

Ad blocking is making headlines this week, as concern for the concept grows amid publishers and advertisers. Yahoo finds a way for paid search and native to work together, YouTube launches a new product menu to attract customers, the IAB releases a playbook for mobile programmatic, and lastly, Uber in Canada creates an ingenious method for keeping drunk drivers off the road.

Summiting Publisher Problems

Last week, publishers gathered in the snowy mountains of Vail, CO, to discuss and examine the ever-evolving digital media landscape. The annual and prestigious Digiday Publishing Summit was a whirlwind of inspiring sessions from closed door publisher pitches, to thought-provoking panel discussions, to our whiskey and fondue tasting event that Virool hosted after the first day of the conference. It was also the perfect time to debut our new InLine unit that we launched in alliance with Rubicon Project.

Advertainment Weekly: April Fool’s Playdating App for Toddlers

In Advertainment this week, Virool’s very own Brian Danzis offers his opinion on making the OLV view an equivalised currency, Rubicon makes a big acquisition, the Digiday Publishing Summit addresses industry needs, mobile ad spend exceeds desktop spending, and Hinge pranks us with Toddlers swiping right.