60,000 videos for 30,000 Global Customers

It is amazing how far and wide the Virool platform has grown. Today marks a critical milestone for us and we’re proud to reveal that since its inception, the Virool platform has served video campaigns for more than 30,000 global paying customers. Our advanced video distribution platform has run more than 60,000 videos across 100,000 online and mobile publishing properties.

Advertainment Weekly: Grannies Say, “I’d Tap That!”

Lately, the video industry has been flooded with some exciting news! First off, get ready for some major changes coming to your phone – thanks to Immersion’s newest technology, TouchSense Engage, mobile videos could start to be accompanied with vibrations, rumbles, and taps that match the video content.

4 Dudes. 3 Conferences. SO Many Takeaways.

This September, we sent a bunch of Viroolians to various conferences across the country to learn, network, and share their knowledge with thought leaders in the video advertising industry! Now that some of them are back in San Francisco, they’re eager to share their experiences. Read on to see what they thought about their travels.

Advertainment Weekly: Order Around Hot Man-Servants

There are several new videos that came out this week that are some of the most creative we’ve seen in a while! Sennheiser and ManServants both launched some of the strangest, yet downright hilarious videos. In other news, Flipboard is getting ready to launch its full-page video ads, and small businesses are being encouraged to use Facebook to promote their brands.

Why You Need To Do Heatmap Analysis

Today, we’d like to give a Virool welcome to Sherice Jacob from CrazyEgg! Sherice is dropping by the blog to share a crazy amount of knowledge about heatmapping. CrazyEgg is an online tool that uses heatmap technology to enable its users to see where website visitors click, improve conversion rates, and understand website visitor behavior.

The Best of Virool Videos

We are currently running hundreds of video promotion campaigns through Virool. It’d be a shame to keep all of these videos to ourselves. As such, we’d like to share a few of the most awe-inspiring and downright hilarious videos that we’ve been promoting this week. Enjoy!

Advertainment Weekly: Samsung Takes a Stab at Apple

Spotify was a headliner in the news this week with an announcement that the digital music service will start using video ads within its platform. Spotify will soon offer its free users 30 minutes of ad-free listening in exchange for watching a short video ad.

The Biggest YouTube Mistake That 95% of People Make

I picked up my first video camera at age six. I’d spend hours shooting everything I could. The world seemed more fascinating through the lens of a camera. Eventually I moved away from the reality show of my life as a six-year-old, and I started crafting stories as I grew older.

See you soon! Virool is on the move in September

On the heels of a very busy summer, September does not appear to be slowing down at Virool.  We are taking on an ambitious goal and spreading Virool across the country to more than 17 different industry events and conferences this month! We are so excited to learn, share, and network with some of the best in the industry.

7 Benefits of Internships You Can Read in 7 Minutes

My name is Lai Turn and I am a senior at Stanford University. I decided to intern at Virool this summer because their culture and video services were unparalleled. I love being challenged and given the opportunity to work with intelligent and creative people, so I definitely made the right choice. Now that my internship is coming to a close, I would like to reflect on some of the benefits of completing not only my internship, but any internship.