Advertainment Weekly: Special Moments

Massive developments in advertainment this week! Virool teams up with Rubicon Project and launches the InLine unit with iOS capabilities. YouTube throws a changeup, defaulting to autoplay. Livestream battle heats up after Twitter launches Periscope, taking on Meerkat. Facebook introduces its own embeddable player, keeping up with the rest of the online video world. And finally, PNC dreams up the most fantastical wedding a father could possibly have to save for.

7 Tips: How to Engage Your Audience With Advertainment

Today we welcome to the Virool blog, Dane Frederiksen. Dane is the CEO/Creative Director of Digital Accomplice, a San Francisco Bay Area video production company focused on helping tech and video gaming brands engage and communicate effectively with video.

Video is everywhere. It’s basically the most potent and versatile way to effectively communicate … Well, it can be, or it can suck. What’s the difference between good and sucky content you ask? Looks like you just came to the right place.

Get InLine for Desktop and Mobile

It’s no secret – premium video inventory is hard to come by. On top of that, I get how important it is for publishers and advertisers to reach readers without disrupting their desktop and mobile experience.

Advertainment Weekly: Smartphones in the Bedroom?

Big news in advertainment this week! Virool launches eIQ, a new emotional insights technology for video marketers and IAB fills its first board of directors for the Digital Video Center of Excellence. Online video advertising is continuing to outperform its counterparts and Virool SEO manager, Chris Tam, expertly guides you out of the Google penalty. Durex brings a revolutionary new smartphone technology to the bedroom.

How To Get Out of Google Manual Action Penalty

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is an ever important topic these days. Many businesses are just starting to see the power of this marketing channel while many other businesses have been utilizing SEO for years. However, SEO is something that constantly evolves, and the businesses that are not updated with the industry standards of SEO run the risk of getting penalized by Google.

7 Unexpected Ways for Productive Meetings

When is the last time you had a productive meeting? There’s a plethora of articles outlining why you should have an agenda, a facilitator, and all the best tactics. But let’s be real, not all meetings are equal. Here are some different approaches that will help you get the most from your meetings:

Introducing eIQ, Say Hello to Your Live Audience

One of the most common questions that we hear from brand marketers is, “What are people actually feeling when they watch my video advertisement? Did we make them laugh? Did we tug at their heartstrings?”

What I Learned Judging the Digiday Awards

Digiday hails itself as “the authority on digital media, marketing, and advertising” and every year they host the Digiday Publishing Awards among many other awards programs. This year I was invited to sit on the executive jury with other leaders in our industry, to assist in judging their prestigious publisher awards.

Advertainment Weekly: A World With No Barriers

In Advertainment news this week, Facebook is plunging into the ad-tech arena, Virool’s CRO chats about our programmatic platform, UK publishers are capitalizing on and expanding to the US market, Twitter makes more moves to strengthen its video capabilities, and Samsung melts hearts while breaking down barriers. 

Mobile Becomes More Mobile With the Apple Watch Announcement

Mobile technology has taken marketing by storm. With nearly 2 billion smartphone users worldwide, today’s buyer is everywhere; on email, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, or just simply online. In the US, consumers are spending more time daily on mobile devices – almost 3 hours – than on TV (BI, 2014).