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Key ingredients for Advertainment

With the holidays approaching, everyone is getting ready for the family dinner, office potluck, and “Friendsgiving”. From grandma’s apple pie to the secret family recipe for stuffing, we all have that special dish we like to cook to show off our culinary skills.

Advertainment Weekly: Do you have native mobile video?

As we start to look ahead to 2016 this week, one thing keeps surfacing: native, mobile, video. Facebook’s Head of Ad Tech asks, do you have a native mobile video strategy?

Should brands use video for direct response?

When speaking with a small business (SMB) or brand, one of the most common key performance indicators (KPI) that I hear is the need to drive conversions. When I ask what the conversion point is, they almost always say purchase or sign-up.

Are you reaching the fastest growing U.S. market?

We’ve all heard the buzz, read the growth reports, seen the projections and feel the pressure around capturing the US Hispanic market. Marketing to this mostly untapped group can naturally be a little risky because you are playing with a double-edged sword. The target audience may feel stereotyped and get offended or on the flip side you …

Advertainment Weekly: Shift your creative thinking

This week in advertainment news, Ogilvy & Mather teams up with Victorious to let marketers know they’re doing it wrong, marketers may need to hit the science books, Facebook is taking the lead in online video trends, and header bidding is boosting publisher revenue. For your weekly dose of advertainment, Canon conducts a photographic experiment …

5 advanced video marketing tips

As a marketer who is reading this blog, you already know that you should be using videos to promote your brand. Maybe you have video in your current strategy or maybe you are just beginning your foray into this powerful marketing medium.

Advertainment Weekly: Boost your bottom line

Things got interesting this week. Candidates are running what is being referred to as “neuropolitical campaigns,” fraudsters are finding even more ways to cheat revenue away from publishers, mobile is the way to go, and lastly a few highlights from a video marketing survey to help solidify why video marketing can make a positive impact …

The SF Mayoral race: ballots vs likes

The Mayoral race came to an unsurprising ending on Tuesday, with incumbent Ed Lee cruising to the finish line with over 70,000 votes. His closest opponent, Stuart Schuffman, received only 18,000.

Meet engineering genius, Anton Pleshivtsev

HTML5DevConf is one of the largest gathering of technical software developers, designers, and decision makers in the world focused on Internet software technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, node.js and other cross-platform web, mobile and server technologies.

Advertainment Weekly: AHHHHHHHHH!

Happy Halloween! Amidst the Halloween fun and festivities, the digital landscape is still evolving and video placements are outgrowing the traditional TV, desktop, and mobile. Meanwhile, marketers are still trying to figure out programmatic, mobile-friendly is no longer acceptable, and the MRC is standing up to ad fraud. Of course, we had to share a …