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Advertainment Weekly: Say goodbye to Flash!

Big moves are being made, are you ready for them? Advertisers and publishers are bracing for a Flash-pocalypse as the industry switches to HTML5. Mobile ad revenue isn’t matching up with mobile traffic growth. Virool made big moves this week expanding our reach to the great white north, and a variety of agencies weigh in …

Make ads human

Digital video advertising is a fickle being. It is a mishmash of content that either connects deeply with a viewer or completely distracts and disrupts them.

Virool U: In with Influencers – What is the value of an MCN?

WTF is an MCN? Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs) are networks of multiple social influencer channels, whether on YouTube, Vine, Instagram, etc. who fall under one company.

Advertainment Weekly: Dollar Beard Club goes Canadian

This week in advertainment news, Google reveals that longer video content outperforms traditional, shorter, product-centric ads, and the IAB announces HTML5 as the new industry standard for interactive marketing.

Virool Welcomes Alicia Elliott in Canada

When I first met the team at Virool, I was speechless: here was a company that was doing something right in the medium that I love the most: video.

Virool U: In with influencers – Meet the creators

Brands utilizing influencers is not necessarily a new idea. However, when it comes to video marketing, the notion of influencer relations is still in its infancy and there is still so much to learn.

Advertainment Weekly: Video is mandatory

Advertainment news abounds. Video is no longer an optional medium for marketers, is Google rebranding as an attempt to shed its “uncool” big advertiser reputation?

How to use video to drive engagement

Why video? If a picture says a thousand words, then a video is priceless. Video has all the necessary elements to captivate audiences: sight, sound, and motion.

Advertainment Weekly: Sexting sells

This week, advertisers using SAG talent in online video are having to renegotiate their contracts, the consolidation of ad-tech could be a good thing, and the use of social influencers is becoming a valued marketing tactic.

Answers to the top 5 video marketing questions

Are you a brand marketer trying to incorporate video into your strategy? Or maybe you already have a video marketing strategy but you can’t quite figure out how to produce the results you are looking for?