The Most Motivational Videos You Have NOT Seen … and Some That You Probably Have

Working at Virool, I spend a lot of time on YouTube watching videos. Some are funny, some are sad, some are educational – most of them have something to offer. Recently, however, I’ve become particularly interested in motivational videos.

5 ways the UK will continue to lead the VOD revolution

In the past two years the European Union has seen a tremendous shift in media consumption and the UK has been leading the charge. With more than 34 million people in the UK expected to watch video content on digital platforms this year, it’s an exciting time for media planners and content creators to design exceptional video marketing campaigns.

Advertainment Weekly: Facebook Topping YouTube is a Lie

With every new week comes big news, and this week was no exception. First, we want to congratulate our friends at BrightRoll on the news of a potential acquisition from Yahoo for a whopping $700M. Snapchat has also been the talk of the town with the unveil of its first video ad, just in time for Halloween.

Free eBook: How to Get More Views on YouTube

There’s a reason you may be searching “how to get more views on YouTube” … because it’s hard. Here’s the good news: it’s not impossible and we have a guide to earn you an increase in views and audience quality.

Advertainment Weekly: Blah Airlines is Absolutely NOT Blah

Industry experts have spoken out this week in support of online video and programmatic ad buying, while Facebook made headlines by claiming that it is delivering more desktop video views than YouTube. In other news, Virgin America has released an amazingly creepy and intentionally boring new pre-roll video that depicts a 6 hour flight from NYC to San Francisco. Taylor Swift has teamed up with Diet Coke in a new ad featuring some of the cutest kittens we’ve ever seen.

Get SMART with Virool at the iAB UK Digital Upfronts Series

This week is the iAB UK Digital Upfronts, an inaugural event that will focus on the growing significance of the UK’s digital media economy. A who’s who of top executives from Silicon Valley giants, including Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, Google, AOL and Vice Media will pitch their wares to game-changers from publishing, advertising and technology sectors.

Advertainment Weekly: Virool Space Contest Captivated AdWeek 2014

Welcome to a special edition of Advertainment Weekly. We’ll be taking a look back on Advertising Week NYC 2014 where ten Viroolians swept across Times Square to see illuminating speakers and meet with the best of the best in our industry. Everyone was buzzing about the launch of our Race to Space contest and our space themed party was the talk of the town!

How to Promote Your Music on YouTube

During my time working in artist management, I worked with an independent music group that did everything right in digital promotion. In less than two years, they reached the top ten in iTunes albums 3 times, selling over 25,000 albums and 100,000+ singles. During this time, they also racked up over 7 million YouTube views, and 10 million Spotify streams. They accomplished all of this, while turning down major music labels, and not accepting a single penny of outside funding.

5 Pieces of Advice If You Want to Intern for a Tech Startup in Silicon Valley

When I first accepted the offer to work at Virool, I didn’t know what to expect. I had just graduated from Tulane University and moved to San Francisco and had never worked in a tech startup environment before.  All I knew was that I was about to learn a ton, and I was ready.

Advertainment Weekly: Is Skype the Most Human Tech Company?

This week was Ad Week, making it an exceptionally busy time in the advertising world. This Ad Weekly will have a special focus on some of the hottest topics discussed during Ad Week, and we’ll even go behind the scenes and take a look at some of their events and parties, including Virool’s Race to Space party!