Advertainment Weekly: #SelfieResponsibly

Twitter is on a roll this week, finalizing their integration with Google search.This integration will drive more traffic to the social platform to align with their goal of being a destination for viewers to binge on video.

How the PR agency can bring video distribution in-house

We often talk about the evolution of the advertising industry, which is undergoing rapid expansion into digital and mobile video. But what about the editorial side, or really, the publicists that are pitching the editorial side?

Solve Your Marketing Problem with a Story

Trying to get people’s attention online is becoming more and more difficult. It’s been estimated that the average online user attention span is only 8 seconds long. By comparison, the average attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds.

Hiring Millennials Via a Millennial Recruiter

Hiring at the one of the fastest growing companies on the planet is a dream for a recruiter. I’ve had the unique privilege of bringing on a core group of entry level Viroolian’s to help grow the company. Most of these new hires are recent college grads therefore, you guessed it, Millenials.

Yes, it’s a blog post about the end of Mad Men

There’s a sense of nostalgia I have now that Mad Men is coming to a close after seven illustrious seasons. Maybe it’s because Peggy and I are now nearly the same age, or maybe it’s because I draw such a personal connection to her in the series.

Advertainment Weekly: Barista Turned Therapist

In Advertainment this week, we catch up with Mad Men creator, Matthew Weiner about what might happen to our beloved Don Draper in the final episode on Sunday. Verizon makes a big entry into the advertising space with its acquisition of AOL, Facebook introduces Instant Articles and the New Fronts suggests that bigger TV budgets …

Why Facebook Needs To Reverse Policy on YouTube Video Sharing

I love watching videos on my laptop and cell phone, both are convenient and portable!  Although I’m typically watching highlights on ESPN or reruns on Netflix, my primary source for finding and watching digital video content is still YouTube, ie the world’s shared Dropbox for video. When I find a piece of content that appeals …

5 Key Factors for Making a Successful Video Advertisement

Today we welcome Courtney Purchon to the Virool blog. Courtney is the Head of Marketing at Sproutvideo, a video hosting platform for businesses. Thank you for your expert tips!

How to drive results with your video call to action

Just about every marketer out there wants to do one thing with video: drive action. And while the action itself may vary, the intent of the marketer is very much the same. So why should you use a call to action in your video? To drive conversion The call to action, or famed “CTA,” is the …

Advertainment Weekly: #TextsFromMom

It’s true! New data this week reveals Facebook favors native videos in your news feed. Meanwhile, another new criteria from the MRC is being added into the viewability mix, Reddit is jumping into the content creation game, and industry experts share their thoughts on what advertising might look like in the next decade. Finally, Samsung …