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Advertainment Weekly: Imagine the possiblities

Mobile web was a hot topic in the news this week as Google makes big moves to speed up load times and Millward Brown Digital releases a surprising new study.

Did you bring your Deal ID?

Programmatic is no longer merely an industry buzzword. It is maturing and becoming a necessary avenue for anyone foraying into the online video advertising landscape. Programmatic delivery allows for tremendous scale with minimal manual intervention. It also allows for access to large swaths of demand at a moment’s notice without having to sacrifice granular targeting …

Virool U: In with influencers – The future is Advertainment

Ads. No one likes them and ad blocking is not a new story with over 200 million users employing ad blockers on their computers. Why don’t we like ads? Because they disrupt our experience and overwhelm our personal space.

Advertainment Weekly: Advertising Week Edition

This week we’re dedicated to Advertising Week NYC where Virool had a tremendous presence with parties, panels and promotion. As you could imagine, when you gather the world’s leading marketing and communication leaders in one place for 5 days, inspiration and inventiveness will abound.

Bonin Bough gets engaged with #Advertainment!

We are happy to announce that Bonin Bough got engaged … with Advertainment! Bonin is the Chief of global media and consumer engagement at Mondelez International, which represents notable brands such as Oreo, Cadbury, Ritz, Wheat Thins and Trident.

Quaker “The Recital” wins a ZERO-G Experience®

12 months. Over 250 video marketing teams. 10 finalists. 1 winner.

It’s not advertising. It’s advertainment.

In February, Virool’s Chief Revenue Officer, said to the industry, “This is the year of advertainment.” In 2015, brands proved that there is a new standard for made-for-web content, and we’re well aware this is only the beginning.

Live from Advertising Week 2015!

As you know, we’ve got a lot of awesome in store this year at Advertising Week. We know that everyone can’t make it to New York, so we wanted to invite you to watch a live stream of our panel discussions.

Virool at Advertising Week NYC

4 days, 290+ events, 95,000 attendees, 246 seminars and workshops, 902 speakers, and 500 members of the press. The numbers say it all.

Virool at FOMLA

Along the sunkissed, warm coastline of southern Florida sits a handful of islands nestled up against Miami. Key Biscayne is its own sep