The Best of Virool Videos

We are currently running hundreds of video promotion campaigns through Virool. It’d be a shame to keep all of these videos to ourselves. As such, we’d like to share a few of the most awe-inspiring and downright hilarious videos that we’ve been promoting this week. Enjoy!

Advertainment Weekly: Samsung Takes a Stab at Apple

Spotify was a headliner in the news this week with an announcement that the digital music service will start using video ads within its platform. Spotify will soon offer its free users 30 minutes of ad-free listening in exchange for watching a short video ad.

The Biggest YouTube Mistake That 95% of People Make

I picked up my first video camera at age six. I’d spend hours shooting everything I could. The world seemed more fascinating through the lens of a camera. Eventually I moved away from the reality show of my life as a six-year-old, and I started crafting stories as I grew older.

See you soon! Virool is on the move in September

On the heels of a very busy summer, September does not appear to be slowing down at Virool.  We are taking on an ambitious goal and spreading Virool across the country to more than 17 different industry events and conferences this month! We are so excited to learn, share, and network with some of the best in the industry.

7 Benefits of Internships You Can Read in 7 Minutes

My name is Lai Turn and I am a senior at Stanford University. I decided to intern at Virool this summer because their culture and video services were unparalleled. I love being challenged and given the opportunity to work with intelligent and creative people, so I definitely made the right choice. Now that my internship is coming to a close, I would like to reflect on some of the benefits of completing not only my internship, but any internship. 

Advertainment Weekly: Chickens Sing the Oldies

Video advertising is a hot topic this week!  With the upcoming release of the new Apple iPhone 6, marketers are anticipating a lot of change for mobile advertising.  In other news, the Associated Press reported on Amazon’s recent acquisition of Twitch and Fourth Score argued for the importance of focusing on engagement over viewability.

Team Offsites: Unite, Excite, Execute

Ah, Lake Tahoe. Known for its idyllic landscape, crystal-clear blue waters, endless activities, and wonderful sunshine. What better place to spend a weekend with your colleagues? Here at Virool, we believe deeply in the merits of team getaways and getting out of the office, and our recent weekend in Lake Tahoe is the perfect example. We are One Team, no matter what role you have at the company.

Find Royalty Free Music for YouTube

As many of you video makers have already figured out, using copyrighted music for your YouTube video is not usually a good idea. Ever since YouTube implemented its Content ID software in 2007, it’s become difficult to upload any video with even a trace of copyrighted music without setting off triggers.

September is a Game Changer: Meet Brian Danzis

September is here and we are thrilled to share one of the many big things happening here at Virool: meet Brian Danzis.

Brian will be joining the Virool team as Chief Revenue Officer where he will take Virool to a new scale. Brian brings more than 15 years of experience in building new digital media offerings and has a long track record of success in designing go to market strategies.

Advertainment Weekly: Dude eats off subway floor

Welcome back to another wonderful week of Advertainment Weekly. This week, a lot has happened in the video advertising world. Amazon grabbed Twitch, Hyperlapse is blowing up, and reports have shown that spending on digital ads will continue to skyrocket. We have also gathered some of the most creative video ads from this week for your viewing pleasure from Old Spice, Bissell, and Gap.